From the Principal's Desk

Dr. B.C. Josan


Dear Students

It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate you on choosing DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh for admission and also to welcome you to the college.

'Students who get higher education are a privileged class in our country, particularly those who have the opportunity of studying in some outstanding institution as this college' These are the glowing and the ever inspiring words about our beloved College  spoken by Shrimati Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, when she visited it in 1984.

Having been founded in 1958, when the city of Chandigarh was in its infancy, the college is marching ahead with gigantic strides in the spirit of the Upanishadic injunction: ^pjSosfr pjSosfr* (keep marching on). Being the foremost and the best in virtue of performance among the institutions named after Dayanand, this college has grown into a worthy model of a faith in his gospel, a source of inspiration for others. As the Gita says, The example set by the elect is followed by  the  rest . DAV stands for Dayanand Anglo-Vedic, a term that is unique in its amalgamation of ancient heritage and modernity. "Dayanand" and "Vedic" are the impetus for the DAV movement, connoting the richness of the Maharishi's value system and the profundity of Vedic wisdom. Steadfastly balanced between the two is "Anglo" that refers to the best of the western knowledge that is updated with the latest technology, yet which is well within the parameters of our ancient vedic heritage. The branches of the tree of knowledge will spread far and wide, yet it is the roots that will give strength and substance to the leaves fluttering merrily in the breeze. We are to set and achieve highest standards in education as our sublime mission is man-making. DAV students get the best of the two worlds: they compete with the world for optimum knowledge and opportunities, and simultaneously build a strong, noble character rooted in Vedic values. The DAV College, Chandigarh has taken the lead in equipping the youth with the moral fibre they badly need today. Unless we do so we cannot dream of stemming the rot which has set in in our society and threatens to undo the work of Swami Dayanand.

This college has had a distinguished history. It is not for nothing that students from all parts of the country and abroad vie with one another to find a seat in this institution. During more than fifty years of its existence we have produced great administrators, jurists, academicians, artists and sports persons of international repute. Even this year we have achieved outstanding results in academic, sports and co-curricular activities. Our college girls have created history by scoring the highest points and winning the Panjab University overall trophy for general excellence in sports for the first time. On the other hand, in the boys section the college is ranked runners-up for the Panjab University Overall trophy for general excellence in sports. Moreover, 13 Boys and Girls of our college have represented their teams in International  tournaments in this session.

Recently, FIST has granted Rs. 1.5 crore for carrying out research in the College. RUSA has granted Rs. 2 crore for the improving the infrastructure, purchase of equipments etc. Several major and minor projects sponsored by the U.G.C. and other funding agencies have been undertaken by the faculty.

The  college has been alloted four research centres in the departments of Chemistry, Zoology, Bio-technology and Physics. We have establised the latest, state-of-the-art labortories to enable teachers to guide students in their research work. About 100 students have been registered with Panjab University for research work leading to the award of Ph.D degree under the supervision of our college faculty.

Recently, Ministry of Youth Affairs has awarded our college NSS unit for excellent community work in the region under the National Youth Programme. Our college unit did a village survey about the threat of dengue fever and sensitised villagers about the disease.  

I am sure when you join this college you will become a part of this glorious tradition of growth and excellence.

God Bless You !   

Dr. B.C. Josan